Spray Foam Insulation- The ideal deal for homes

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Published: 26th September 2011
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Insulation is a must for every home. Purchasing homes in general is considered to be one of the expensive deals one can ever pursue and own eventually. It is very important that he/she maintains his/her home properly for it to last longer and eventually also boost the resale value of the house. Insulation is a must by several degrees. It is very beneficial for you as well as for your home. It is quite significant that one must always adhere to this factor and not ignore as ignorance is bliss and the consequences you might be put through can turn out to be quite disastrous.

Maintenance costs for home is much cheaper than repair costs.

Polyurethane of the spray solution for insulation combines R-Value which is an effective air barrier and vapor control in one material. This is what makes the spray insulation so efficient than other insulation techniques. It is certainly not cheap considering the materials and procedures used to do it, however it insulates your home efficiently and helps you to avoid paying more on repair costs. Usually either fiber glass batts or cellulose is used for insulating one’s home. It is cheap and does add R-Value.

However there is more to insulation than just R-Value. Insulation must effectively fit the joist or stud cavities and an effective air barrier is required to keep unconditioned outdoor factors from penetrating the insulation and crawling inside one’s home. Quality is a very important consideration than price which is exactly what most of the insulation techniques of the past fails to offer and compensates with cheap price. However, thanks to the aids of technology science has given birth to spray foam insulation which is emerging as the most popular insulation technique amidst societies. Though expensive than its counterparts, it eliminates many of the installation issues and overheads associated with fibrous insulating materials.

Spray foam has an excellent air sealing ability which is what makes it best of the lot. When sprayed on the cavity it sticks tightly to the sheathing and framing and rapidly expands to fill every gap and opening in the exterior shell. Thus it even penetrates through difficult to seal areas. The other insulation techniques thus are only 70% efficient. Whereas one can guarantee that spray foam insulation technique gives you 100% efficiency. Some types of the foam are also effective vapor retarders. Spray foam insulation adds flexibility in designing a framing package. Also for your convenience since the dense varieties of foam offers a lot of insulating value per inch of thickness, one can size studs and rafters based on structural loads and not based on the amount of space needed for insulation.

Nonetheless, you should realize that maintaining your home in a proper way is very critical and you shouldn’t mind spending few out of your pockets. Never compromise on price and do an improper job. Every penny you invest is spray foam insulation no matter how expensive it turns out to be is worth its while. All the details you would ever need about spray foam insulation is available online. Use it well.

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